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Garth Hendricks was born and raised in Manchester Jamaica. From an early age he was surrounded by influences in Art and Music. As a young boy Garth spent many spellbound hours listening to the radio, jukebox and the neighborhood elders who would regale each other with tales of the music they loved and how it shaped their lives. This was the beginning of Garth’s love affair with Art and Music. Following high school at Decartret College, Garth went into a career in printing and graphic design but music continued to be ever present in his life. He found himself at the hub of the music industry spending time at various recording studios, such as aquarius records to being one of the founding members of the mighty diamonds fan club.
With his deep love of music and his three closest friends being DJs, it was only a matter of time before he embarked on the next phase of his musical journey and became a DJ himself. Garth is considered by many to be an exceptional graphic artist with a deep musical knowledge. His knowledge goes beyond a casual love of music but an immersion into the back story and production of the music including musicians and producers. These experiences made Garth an ideal match for the Yaawd Media family and his role as co-host of Sunday Scoops.
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