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Olivere has spent almost his entire adult life working in media, starting out in his teenage years making cassette tapes with the popular music of the day which he shared with his friends in high school. This naturally led him into the DJ business back in Jamaica where he started out at Trelawny Beach Hotel. He would later move on to the Super Clubs Resort Hotel Chain (which at the time included Jamaica Jamaica, Couples, Hedonism II, and Breezes Montego)

The experience would result in a 38 -year career as a Disc Jockey including a guest spot at RJR’s Fame FM before moving to work full time for KOOL97 FM from its inception and where he remained for another six years. On the back of his career behind the music turntables and microphones, Oliviere more than 25 years in professional audio and video systems design and installation along with computer systems and networking. Olivere is the Creative and Technical Director of DMR Media where his more than 10 years of experience in video editing and production including eight years’ experience in multi-camera live streaming provides the engine of his business - DMR Media. Olivere is a Director of Yaawd Media Inc., and currently occupies the role of Vice President.

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